Five men in ski masks ask women for Snapchat handles in University of North Florida parking lot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A University of North Florida student reported that she saw five men in ski masks approaching women in the school's Osprey Fountains parking lot on Oct. 25 at 10:26 p.m, according to an incident report.

When police arrived, they did not see any of the men, but the witness explained that she was sitting in her car talking to her mom when she saw them, the report said. Then she saw three shadows moving near her car.

The witness said one of the men came to her driver's side window, stared at her and said something. She could not decipher what he had said.

A second witness recalled that she was walking to the parking lot, and also saw five to six men running around in ski masks. She eventually noticed that one of the men was following her and was asking for her Snapchat handle. She refused to give it to him, and he eventually left her alone.


A third witness said that as she sat in her car she noticed a figure moving around her vehicle, and she heard several voices. She then saw five men in ski masks surrounding her car. One of the men pulled up his shirt to show his abdomen and asked if she could give him her Snatchat handle.

The third witness refused to give the man her Snapchat handle, but when he held up his phone she was able to see that his handle was similar to "Amrrr."

None of the witnesses said they saw a weapon, heard criminal demands, were threatened with violence or were shown sexual organs, police say.

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