Fleet Farming launches in Jacksonville: Grow a garden in your yard without lifting a finger

A local group is working bring sustainable food to Jacksonville in a creative, community-based way.

Here’s how it works: A homeowner donates their lawn and some cash for startup costs. Then a group of volunteers tend to the garden—you don’t have to lift a finger. You keep a share of the crop—the rest goes to local farmer’s markets or restaurants.

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If you're struggling to afford fresh, healthy food Regional Manager Melissa Beaudry said volunteering is a creative solution. Volunteers get 50 percent off the harvest and you don't have to have any gardening experience.

"We are very interested in finding ways that this can support low income families," said Beaudry.

The organization is well aware that Jacksonville has 29 designated food deserts—neighborhoods where there is a lack of farmers' markets and fresh food. More than 55,000 households don't have easy access to fresh food in Duval County.

Fleet Farming thinks putting gardens front and center in local neighborhoods is a creative way to empower people to grow their own food and build a community around it.

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"Part of our mission is to remind folks that our food doesn't come from the rain forest mist that happens at Publix. It doesn't come off the shelf, it comes from the ground," Beaudry said.

If you're interested in donating your lawn or volunteering click here: fleetfarming.org/get-involved/

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