• FLETC instructors face felony charges after reportedly impersonating officers, starting fights

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) training instructors Thomas Crabill and Jacqueline Wilson are facing felony charges after allegedly identifying themselves as police officers and federal agents during an assault investigation.

    The couple was arrested at Toucan's Ale House on Perry Lane Road in Brunswick, GA last Thursday.

    Action News Jax obtained copies of the police reports from the Glynn County Police Department, and copies of the arrest warrants from the Glynn County Superior Court.

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    According to the police report, Toucan's employees stated Crabill and Wilson instigated an altercation with members of a motorcycle club. One employee said Wilson told the group of bikers, "We're federal agents."

    Another said, "They kept pulling their cards out." Police say Crabill displayed his FLETC ID as card as proof of "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" identification.

    A local biker who identified himself at Milo Booth weighed in on the incident.

    “You got two regular bikers get in a fight over nothing,” Booth said.

    A witness told officers Crabill pushed a member of the motorcycle club before that person punched him. The report states employees wanted the couple to leave the establishment.

    When officers arrived they say they observed a person, identified as Crabill, who was bleeding from the face, according to the report. Officers said he suffered a laceration to the cheek or lips.

    One officer account states Crabill denied medical treatment from Glynn County Fire Rescue, stating, "I'm a cop, I'm fine."

    The report states the couple denied identifying themselves as local or federal law enforcement.

    The report states police tried to ask the two if they wanted to press charges and begin an investigation. Officers say they were unable to get a clear answer.

    The report says Crabill and Wilson identified themselves as members of a local biker club. According to police, the couple wanted officers to "dismantle" and "curtail" the opposing motorcycle club.

    Both Crabill and Wilson face felony charges for allegedly impersonating public officials. Crabill is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

    The report states Crabill allegedly had a Glock 42 on his waistband. According to the report, he presented a Georgia Firearms License that expired in 2012 to police.

    The report states the owner of Toucan's Ale House doesn't want them banned from the restaurant, but mentioned Crabill's behavior has be an issue previously.

    Action News Jax went to the restaurant for comment. We were informed the owner and manager will be able to speak to us at a later date. Crabill and Wilson have since bonded out of jail.

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