Florida Rep. Ted Yoho campaign mailer gets facts wrong

“Beware of the lies” -- that’s the warning a government watchdog group tweeted about a recent campaign mailer from Rep. Ted Yoho.

Govtrack called out the Republican legislator for Florida's 3rd Congressional District after he incorrectly quoted information from its website about his record in Congress.

The mailer said the website govtrack has ranked him the second “most effective” legislator in Florida.

Govtrack ranks members of Congress on a range of strengths, but effectiveness is not one of them.

It looks like Yoho’s mailer was referring to his getting ranked second in leadership among the Florida delegation, a category based on how many co-sponsors he gets on his bills.

The mailer also said govtrack ranked Yoho 34th “most effective leader” in Congress.

That’s not true either.

He was ranked 34th for leadership in the House.

Govtrack does not rank legislators for Congress as a whole.

“Because it’s not accurate, it distorts his record. If he has to do that to explain his record, I think that’s wrong,” said his Democratic opponent Ken McGurn.

Yoho’s campaign told Action News Jax reporter Jenna Bourne that the inaccuracies on the mailer were a typo.

Action News Jax also reached out to Independent candidate Tom Wells. We have not heard back from him.