Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Mike Thomas arrested in Georgia on assault, battery charges

Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Mike Thomas arrested in Georgia on assault, battery charges

Mike Thomas

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Mike Thomas was arrested early Sunday morning in an Atlanta suburb on charges including aggravated assault and battery.

According to a police report from the Sandy Springs Police Department, Thomas, 29, was in a domestic dispute with a woman while a child's birthday party was happening in the same home.

Police could hear yelling and screaming coming from inside the house as they responded.

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Thomas hit the woman with open and closed fists, according to the police report, and she told police that Thomas punched her in the face.

When police went inside the house, Thomas started approaching them "with his fist clenched and an aggressive body language," the report detailed.

Thomas continued to approach the officers, so one officer pointed a Taser at him, ordering him to get on the ground, and he "slowly dropped to his knees and then the ground," the report said.

Thomas told police that he went to a strip club earlier in the day, then a club. The woman told police that Thomas "came home extremely intoxicated and was upset with her for an unknown reason all day."

Thomas came home and tried to leave in the woman's black Porsche, according to the report, and she pleaded with him to go to bed. She told police that Thomas "made impact with the garage on multiple occasions."

Thomas then came back in the house and threw the woman's phone on the ground, destroying it, according to the report. The woman then told police she was thrown to the ground and Thomas was choking her.

A friend of the woman told police she was there to help the woman with her daughter's birthday party. At the time of the dispute between the woman and Thomas, there were six juvenile girls in the home's basement.

The woman's friend told police she tried to keep two of the kids from coming upstairs so they could not see or hear the incident, but said she was unable to.

Police found a Ruger P95, a 9mm magazine and four 9mm rounds.

Thomas is also facing charges of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and child abuse in the third degree, according to the report.

Thomas was a wide receiver for the Jaguars from 2009-2012, the Detroit Lions, the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans. He last played for the Canadian Football League in 2015.

Thomas is known for one of the best catches in Jaguars history -- a 50-yard Hail Mary from then-quarterback David Garrard at the end of a 2010 game against the Texans.