No prison time for former Rep. Reggie Fullwood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Former state Rep. Reggie Fullwood is now a convicted felon, but he won’t serve a day in prison.

Fullwood originally faced more than 200 years behind bars when he was indicted last year for using $60,000 of campaign funds for personal use and failing to file his federal income tax returns for years.

Fullwood was so tearful and emotional in court that the judge allowed him to take a 15-minute break during his sentencing hearing just to calm down.

“I have made many mistakes and I need to be a better person,” said Fullwood in court. “I never had malice in my heart.”

Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr. sentenced Fullwood to serve 180 days of home detention, followed by probation.

Fullwood now wears an ankle monitor.

He’ll also pay restitution and attend substance abuse and mental health treatment programs.

U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutor Mark Devereaux was not happy.

“I wanted the guideline sentence, which was 15 months,” said Devereaux.

A source inside the courthouse tells Action News Jax that a probation officer took Fullwood out a side exit to avoid the media.

Action News Jax asked Fullwood’s attorney Robert Willis if it’s fair that Fullwood will serve no time in prison.

“Explain to me why a 42-year-old man with no history of any kind, with the service to this community that he has rendered, why they think it’s fair that he needs to go to prison,” said Willis.

Willis argued that Fullwood had already lost his job, his political future and his wife because of his mistakes.

“He’s paid a hell of a price,” said Willis.

State Sen. Perry Thurston was among four people to make a witness statement during the hearing in support of Fullwood.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has 14 days to decide whether to file an appeal.

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