• Friend: Slain Florida veteran was generous and taken advantage of

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    Rafael Vito Sur, 68, was killed in September. Police said it happened after Jessica Norton, 31, went to Sur's Jacksonville home to retrieve some of her belongings.

    Sur's house has extensive exterior and interior cameras, and the footage shows Norton becoming aggressive, a warrant states. 

    The warrant states that after being pushed, Sur grabbed a samurai sword to defend himself, but Norton grabbed a laundry basket and knocked him to the ground.

    Norton then grabbed the sword and struck him multiple times, the warrant states. 

    Norton then reportedly grabbed a computer tower, lifted it over her head and threw it down into Sur.

    She then called three people and said she was being held against her will, the report says. 

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    Sur was taken to Memorial Hospital, where he died. 

    Norton is facing charges of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

    Sherri Russell, who lives next door, knew Sur for 15 years. She said he had compassion for people down on their luck, even opening up his home to them and letting them use his cars.

    Russell said Sur was frequently taken advantage of, something she worried would eventually go too far. 

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    "I knew eventually something would happen because, he trusted everybody, and the people he brought they couldn’t be trusted."

    Norton's next scheduled court appearance is Nov. 26. 

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