• Girls arrested for tortoise torture target of threats

    By: Alyana Gomez


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Horrifying video of a gopher tortoise being tortured and burned alive is what helped police and wildlife officials arrest the two Clay County teens believed to be involved.

    Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Greene and a 15-year-old girl who we aren't naming were both arrested Friday and are facing felony charges for cruelty to animals and another  misdemeanor, after they allegedly recorded the abuse and posted it on Facebook.

    "To actually set one on fire and record it, is crazy," said Joey Champion.

    Now more posts on social media are surfacing. Action News found a Facebook page dedicated to trash-talking the two girls. We found serious death threats. One person said, "They should burn at the stake like the witches they are."

    Another demanded that someone kill them.

    "That's just going too far," said neighbor Coral Woodman.

    We went to the homes of both teens hoping to speak with their parents, but no one at either home answered the door. While speaking with neighbors there, we also learned that people have been driving by the youngest teen's home, and yelling threats out of the car window.

    "That I don't agree with, but definitely they have to be punished," said Woodman.

    We reached out to the Clay County School District to find out if it would be taking disciplinary action against the two teens. Officials there told us that once law enforcement officials completed their investigation, school leaders would review the case.

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