Ahmaud Arbery: Social media presents challenges for jury selection in murder trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery is still going on in Brunswick.

Today was another day of questioning and in yet another example of how difficult it is to find these jury members, a question arose that made counsel on each side question the other.

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Social media became the big debate following one jury member’s answers this afternoon.

After a woman was questioned and released by the state, defense brought up several of her Facebook posts regarding the death of Ahmaud Arbery. She responded that she did not remember. After showing her the page, she confirmed it belonged to her. After a break, the defense returned, saying the state must have known.

“Obviously from the questions and responses of the jurors, the state has social media information,” the defense said.

The defense says if the state knows a jury member has commented on the case on social media and is now being untruthful, they have to tell the judge and defense that.

“The vast disparity of resources… there’s no way that lawyers sitting up at 3 in the morning are ever going to be able to keep up with the resources the state can and has amassed in this case.”

The state claimed they had no knowledge of the woman’s posts, only the defense did.

At this point, it’s unclear if the state knew about the postings beforehand. The judge, who chose not to comment either way, did make an observation.

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“Some of the questioning is starting to come off as cross examination,” Walmsley said.

He reminded both sides that the potential jurors are not the ones on trial.

“Don’t assume the worst intentions in the actions of others. Let’s not assume that.”