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Kessler interrupts court again, attorneys request court specify weapon used in killing of Cummings

YULEE, Fla. — Kimberly Kessler, the woman accused of killing her co-worker Joleen Cummings in 2018, interrupted court yet again Thursday.

She continuously shouted “Jordan Beard is Joleen’s cousin,” as she was wheeled into the courtroom. She yelled the statement 11 times before being taken out.

She insisted the public defender is Cummings’ cousin, which is false.

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It has been over three years since Cummings was murdered and still, there has not been a trial.

Several status hearings have slowed the process down as questions of Kessler’s competency wavered, but she was ruled competent to stand trial in July.

The judge is determined to hold the trial in December, even with the defense filing new motions muddling the already slow process.

Just this week, the defense filed a new motion requesting the court specify what weapon was used to kill Cummings.

In the defense’s motion, they stated, “Without the specific identification of a weapon used in the purported homicide, Defendant (Kessler) cannot adequately prepare for the defense of these charges.”

Cummings body was never recovered, but prosecutors believe Kessler was the last person to see Cummings alive.

The defense also requested the state turn over statements Kessler made in jail calls.

Over 600 recordings were given to the defense. Documents state the phone calls were likely around 15 minutes each.

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The next motion hearing is set for Wednesday, Nov. 3.

As of now, the trial is still scheduled to start on Dec. 6.


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