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EXCLUSIVE: Man who recorded shooting of Ahmaud Arbery speaks out

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Ahmaud Arbery case: GBI has lie detector test results for William Bryan, attorney says

UPDATE 5/18/2020 - William Bryan’s attorney, Kevin Gough, made a statement Monday night. Watch CBS47 and FOX30 for the latest on this story.

William Bryan is the man who took the video in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting. Gough said that from the beginning, Bryan fully cooperated with police and with the investigation.

He added that because of statements made from individuals in the community, Bryan and his fiance have had to go into hiding because they fear for their lives.

Gough said that GBI has results for lie detector test William Bryan took in the investigation. Gough said that they will not release the full report. He said they would wait for GBI to release it.

“The last thing we want is to do or say anything that will complicate the investigation,” Gough said.

Gough did share some of the results at the news conference. He said that the results would not impair the investigation because lie detector tests are not admissible as evidence in the State of Georgia.

Gough said the examination determined that Bryan was unarmed during the incident, and he did not have communication with the McMichaels prior to the shooting.

“Without Mr. Bryan, there would be no video. Without that video, there would be no case.” Gough said. “He is a key witness.”

Gough asked for the Arbery family’s attorney to clear his client’s name for his safety and the safety of his fiance. “Take the target off his back.”

Gough said local and state law enforcement have stepped in to keep Bryan and his fiancee safe.

ORIGINAL STORY by Bridgette Matter on 5/13/2020 below:

EXCLUSIVE: Man who recorded shooting of Ahmaud Arbery speaks out

The man who recorded video of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting spoke only with Action News Jax.

Last week, after the murder arrests of two men in connection with the shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that William Roddie Bryan was also under investigation.

Action News Jax reporter Bridgette Matter spoke to Bryan in his home Sunday. Bryan said he and his family are now receiving death threats.

On February 23, Bryan recorded Ahmaud Arbery running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Brunswick. He also captured a confrontation with two men, a shooting and Arbery collapsing to the ground.

“Complete shock. I’ve never been involved in anything like that before,” Bryan said.

The GBI said Bryan and his video are both currently part of the investigation.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Man That Shot Cell Phone Footage of Ahmaud Arbery Shooting

WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The man who recorded the shooting and killing of Ahmaud Arbery speaks out ONLY to Bridgette Matter Action News Jax.

Posted by Action News Jax on Monday, May 11, 2020

The video, which was leaked more than two months after the shooting, prompted demonstrations across the country and the eventual arrest of Travis and Gregory McMichael, who are now charged with Arbery’s murder.

“I am not feeling safe at all … I haven’t felt safe in at least 3-to-5 days now,” Bryan said. “Like Amy (Bryan’s fiancee) has said, the threats have been real.”

The initial police report mentions Bryan: “Roddy attempted to block him, which was unsuccessful.”

But Bryan denies being part of the confrontation that led to Arbery’s death.


“I had nothing to do with it. I’m trying to get my life back to normal, and it’s been smeared for the last week,” Bryan said. “I was told I was a witness and I’m not sure what I am, other than receiving a bunch of threats.”

Questions remain as to why Bryan was there and the reason he started recording. Bryan’s attorney, Kevin Gough, would not allow Bryan to answer, citing the pending investigation.

“My client was responding to what he saw, which was someone in the community he didn’t know being followed by a vehicle he recognized. Without going into details about the level of crime in this community in this subdivision, I think most people in this subdivision were aware that there were issues,” Gough said.

Bryan and his fiancee said they are now living in their car, in fear for their lives.

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“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t scared. If that’s what they wanted to do was scare me, they’ve scared me,” Bryan said.

Bryan expressed his condolences to the Arbery family.

“Yes I am very, very sorry for your loss. I don’t know what else to say. There’s nothing else I can say. I am very sorry for your loss,” he said.

Bryan’s attorney expects the GBI to give him more information this week on whether Bryan will remain under investigation.


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