EXCLUSIVE: William ‘Roddie’ Bryan told police he tried to ‘block’ Ahmaud Arbery, body camera video shows

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Body camera footage captures Ahmaud Arbery investigation

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Body camera video shows Glynn County Police officers responding to the deadly shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in February.

The video shows police investigating the scene and interviewing William ‘Roddie’ Bryan, and Gregory and Travis McMichael.

The McMichaels, and Bryan, were arrested months after the February shooting, after the GBI took over the investigation amid public outcry sparked by video of the shooting surfacing on social media.

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The three suspects are charged with felony murder and are being held without bond.

While prosecutors say Arbery was out for a jog, the McMichaels told police they chased Arbery because they believed he had broken into a home being built in their neighborhood.

“This guy, who we’ve seen on video on numerous times breaking into these other houses,” said Gregory McMichael. “He comes hauling a** down the street. I mean, he’s got it hooked up.”

The officer who interviews Bryan begins by asking if he’s a passerby.

“No, not necessarily,” Bryan replies.

Bryan, who recorded video of the shooting on his cell phone, told Action News Jax Reporter Bridgette Matter in May he was not involved in the incident. In that interview, Bryan said he wanted to clear his name after receiving threats.

“I truthfully need to be cleared of this because I had nothing to do with it,” Bryan told Action News Jax in May.

In the body camera video obtained by Action News Jax on Monday, Bryan tells police he tried to ‘block’ Arbery as the McMichaels chased him.

“When I see him, I knew, hate that people were getting broken into out here, you know. So, I hollered at them and said, ‘Y’all got him?’ And he just kept running. He was full blown running,” Bryan said to police. “… They got down to the end down there somewhere, must’ve past him. Because I pulled out of my driveway, was going to try to block him. But he was going all around. I made a few moves at him, you know. And he didn’t stop.”

The McMichaels told police Travis acted in self-defense.

“Last thing I ever want to do in my life,” said Travis. “I was playing with my kid, the next thing you know, this.”

“I said ‘Travis, don’t! Don’t shoot! Don’t do anything!’” said Gregory. “The guy turns and comes at him! And they start wrestling and Travis shoots him right in the damn chest! The guy was traying to take the shotgun away from him! [Roddie’s] got it on video.”

Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr., says he’s praying the McMichaels, and Bryan, are convicted.

“When I see a guilty verdict, I’ll know the justice system is moving forward, not setting us African American people back another 400 years again,” said Arbery Sr.

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