Glynn County Fire Department receiving excessive 911 calls about COVID-19

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Just as hospitals are overloaded with COVID-19 patients, the Glynn County Fire Department says it’s facing the same challenge: too many people are calling 9-1-1 because they think they have COVID-19, Chief Randy Jordan says.

“Excessive call volume is an understatement,” Jordan said.

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He says call volume went up 25 percent in August. The department used to respond to around 50 calls a day; now, that number is as high as 74.

Jordan says the department has no ambulances left. Even surrounding counties are helping with resources.

Jordan says locals can help by only using 9-1-1 for real emergencies.

“Unless they’re having chest pain, respiratory distress, something truly life-threatening, it’d be much easier if they would call their primary care physician, go to an urgent care center,” he said.

To make matters worse, Jordan says a little over a dozen firefighters are currently out sick with COVID-19.