• Graffiti pops up on Middleburg home

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    MIDDLEBURG, Fla. - Johnnie Carter owns a home off of Old Jennings Road.

    It’s a home that’s tagged with the words “666 Carter” on two walls, a barn, and a “no trespassing” sign.

    Carter says he knows who left these messages.

    “It's a little family feud,” said Carter.

    The neighbors were worried when the saw all the spray paint.

    Three sixes are known to many as “the devil’s numbers.”

    “It surprised me to see something like that and someone do something disrespectful,” said neighbor R.J. Nolan.

    But Carter says there is nothing to worry about.  He believed this vandalism is a one-time thing. 

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