• Here's why pregnant women should get the flu shot, CDC says

    By: Aurielle Eady , Action News Jax


    The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention is urging pregnant women to get the seasonal influenza vaccine and here's why:

    • Pregnant women have a higher chance of getting the flu than women who are not pregnant, according to the CDC. Pregnant women experience changes to their immune system, heart and lungs, making them more susceptible to the severe illness.
    • There is an increased risk for flu-related complications, like premature labor and preterm birth.
    • Vaccinations can protect the baby and mother from hospitalizations and flu-related illness, the CDC said. They have received reports of flu hospitalizations and even deaths in pregnant women with the influenza virus infection.Getting vaccinated can also protect the baby from the flu illness for the first several months after birth. 

    The CDC also says pregnant women should get the flu shot and not the nasal spray flu vaccine. For more information, click here

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