INVESTIGATES: New report reveals roach infestation, unsanitary conditions at Gold Rush Inn

A new report from the Fire Prevention Division reveals more than 50 code violations

Action News Jax Investigation: Gold Rush Inn dangerous living conditions

Jacksonville, FLa — Watch our investigation on CBS47/FOX30 Action News Jax at 5

The Gold Rush Inn motel is being shut down by the state and guests have to move out by next Monday at 5 p.m.

Action News Jax obtained the inspection report Thursday which reveals a roach infestation, no smoke detectors, holes in the walls, holes, soft spots in the floors, and ‘unsanitary’ conditions in several of the motel’s units.

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The City of Jacksonville is providing assistance through the Social Services Division and the Housing and Community Development Division.

A representative told Action News Jax’s Robert Grant that they don’t know exactly how many guests will use the services since they have until 5 p.m. next Monday to move out.

A representative with the city of Jacksonville told told Action News Jax, “A JSO Zone Commander has been actively engaged in finding a resolution of this issue for quite some time. He has been working with the City Services teams that have been onsite offering options for all residents at the Gold Rush Inn. No one has been denied a safe and accessible option for their housing. We even have reports that the owner who is under great scrutiny and potential legal action, has offered to relocate tenants to other properties he owns.”

The motel was shut down after Council Reggie Gaffney said there was more than 800 calls for service to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and eight murders since September 2019.

Action News Jax told you Thursday when Councilmembers Gaffney and LeAnna Cumber announced legislation they would propose in January that would create a nuisance abatement board for properties with drug and prostitution problems.

Councilwoman Cumber said code enforcement currently doesn’t have the tools to regulate drug and prostitution issues on properties.

Sharon Wingate, an employee, and guest at the motel, said she’s worked there for more than a year and doesn’t know where she’ll go just more than a week before Christmas. “It’s sadness. Everybody is confused. What are we going to do?” she asked. “We’re able to pay for this. Stay warm; pay for electric. Now we don’t know what we’re going to do.”