St. Johns County Irma updates: 1 confirmed death

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BRIDGES OPEN: All bridges in the county are now open. You can now use the Palm Valley Bridge for access to Palm Valley and Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as the Intracoastal for access to Vilano Beach. 

Gallery: Must-see photos of Irma damage in Jacksonville area

SHARE with a friend. Sky Action News Jax is flying north from Vilano Beach to Jacksonville Beach. WATCH LIVE: Chopper video of Hurricane Irma damage in the Jacksonville area. Gallery: Must-see photos of Irma damage in Jacksonville area: http://bit.ly/2vRvbCr

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UPDATE: Officials say that Monday, Tuesday garbage collection will be on Wed., Sept. 13. No recycling picking up on Wednesday. Residents with Wednesday, Thursday garbage collection will have garbage pickup on Thursday, Sept. 14. Friday recycling collection will be normal on Sept. 15.

Watch live: Continuing Irma coverage | Photos of flooding, damage from Irma

Deputies are urging people to stay indoors after one person was killed and several people were rescued in St. Johns County during Hurricane Irma.

Action News Jax reporter Danielle Avitable is live in Vilano Beach, one of the hardest hit areas. Watch.

PHOTOS: St. Johns County beach homes destroyed by Irma

Sheriff David Shoar said destruction from Hurricane Irma is the worst he's seen in his 37 years with the county.

"It's the worst case scenario. We've got standing water everywhere. We've got high tide coming up right now on the coastal areas," Shoar said.

St. Augustine Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach were also among the hardest hit. At least one home was washed away in Vilano Beach.

More than 24 hours of strong wind and heavy rain has caused coastal erosion and flooding in other areas.

Shoar is urging people to stay indoors as the dangers from Irma are not over. He said driving is 'absolutely dangerous.'

"Stay sheltered. Don't go sightseeing," Shoar said. "Don't be curious. Be thankful for what you have and let us do our job."

He said at one point during the storm, first responders were chest-deep in water performing life-saving rescues.

Shoar said one person suffered a heart attack and died in Palm Valley as an elderly couple tried to save themselves from rising water.

Shoar said no area in the county was spared from damage.

Deputies say at least one home in Vilano Beach collapsed after the ocean compromised its foundation.

A curfew remains in effect and the bridges will likely not reopen until Tuesday at the earliest, Shoar said.

Shoar said people in St. Johns County should plan to be without power for several days as power restoration will be slow.

St. Johns County A1A damage

DAMAGE ALONG A1A: Danielle Avitable News is LIVE from St. Johns County surveying the area after Hurricane Irma: http://bit.ly/2fesQeH

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Vilano Beach home collapses during Hurricane Irma

This collapsed home in Vilano Beach shows the strength of Hurricane Irma in St. Johns County. DANGEROUS conditions remain throughout the county and one person has already died: http://bit.ly/2gXJRxg

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STORM SURGE: Many areas along the river in Jacksonville are badly flooded -- and high tide is in just a few hours. LIVE STORM COVERAGE: http://www.actionnewsjax.com/s/livestream JSO says if you live in zones A or B near the giver, GET OUT: http://bit.ly/2gYflQ4

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Just heartbreaking. Debris covers the roadway in Vilano Beach and it's clear there is significant damage. At least one home collapsed: http://bit.ly/2gXJRxg

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