‘It could potentially end up costing you a job’: too much CBD could make you fail your drug test

JACKSONVILLE,Fla. — As CBD becomes increasingly more popular, edibles are flying off the shelves in stores across the country. The candy-like treats are very popular among consumers. However, one night of experimenting could cost you a job.

Some people may not realize it, but CBD does have a small trace of THC. CBD is a chemical found in marijuana. It comes from the cannabis plant and THC is the active ingredient. However, it doesn’t give you the same high as marijuana.

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It’s typically used to combat anxiety or pain. The federal government has implemented regulation of .3% or less of THC in a CBD pill or gummy edible.

“A little weekend away where (you have) CBD or THC gummies, you know it could potentially end up costing you a job,” Randy Beesing said. She is the co-owner of ‘Any Lab Test Now’ and sees customers regularly for drug screenings.

Beesing said if you’re taking just one gummy or pill, THC likely won’t show up in a drug screening.

“By taking more than they should, they may actually start showing positive on a drug screen for THC, when they think they’re just truly taking CBD,” Beesing explained. “They may have a side effect of nausea, vomiting, something like that from taking too much.”

She adds that buying CBD off the market or from an unauthorized dealer could also be problematic, since you don’t know if the seller follows government regulations.

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Marijuana or THC can show up on a urine or drug test anywhere from one to seven days after use, according to Beesing. It can stay in the body for up to a month, for heavy users.

Some employers now implement hair drug screens. It can detect drugs anywhere from 90 days to 12 months from consumption, according to Beesing.

The biggest takeaway is to always read labels to see how much you’re consuming.