’I’ve had people send me death threats’ Report says marijuana did not test positive for fentanyl

Clay County — A Clay County teen is working to clear his name after he was arrested for fentanyl laced weed, but an FDLE lab report says it was only marijuana.

According to this new FDLE report his attorneys gave to Action News Jax, the test came back positive for plant material cannabis only, not fentanyl.

In September, 19-year- old Lucas Rosier was arrested during a traffic stop after deputies did several roadside tests on the drugs and it tested positive for fentanyl and negative for marijuana.

“I’ve had people send me death threats saying you’re a horrible human being, that I shouldn’t even be alive.” Rosier said.

The original Clay County arrest report said: “The results came back negative for marijuana all three times.” and “The green leafy like substance tested positive for laced fentanyl all three times using an agency issued field test kit.”

Beth Sammons, one of Rosier’s attorney, said these test kits can be problematic and unreliable.

We have no idea how the Sheriff’s Office is storing these kits, we have no idea how old these kits are.” Sammons said.

Attorney Melanie Trogolo, who also worked on Rosier’s case, says she has handled cases like this before.

“Last year I had a gentleman for a sale of cocaine, he told the officers it was not cocaine. It tested positive for cocaine in the field test. When we had it sent off to FDLE it came back as paint chips.”

Back in 2015, a 64-year-old Orlando man was arrested after glazed doughnut crumbs tested positive in a roadside test for meth.

Rosier said the fallout from his name being attached to fentanyl goes beyond threats.

“I’ve had people come back to me and tell me, ‘We can’t hire you here. We pulled up your record for this fentanyl charge. We don’t want someone like that working her with us.'” Rosier said.

The CCSO said it is now going to evaluate these test kits, but as of right now they are still being used.

Rosier’s case is going through misdemeanor diversion. Once that is finished, his case will be dropped.

Clay County also said once they get his FDLE test results back, they will update their initial post on Facebook about the arrest. Rosier says he appreciates the State Attorney’s office for working quickly on his case.

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