NEW VIDEO: Investigators question suspect in pregnant teen's disappearance

Action News Jax has uncovered new details in the disappearaance of 16-year-old Iyana Sawyer, who was five months pregnant when she vanished in Jacksonville.

In interrogation video, her uncle Johnathan Quiles who is the only suspect in her disappearance, talks about his relationship with Sawyer and his other neice.

He claims he tried to serve as a father figure to both of them.


He said he talked to the girls almost every day, but the way they communicated was mostly through social media because the messages disappear.

"That's what we normally communicate through, and the reason why is, because you know, it kind of sound like incriminating now but it's because the messages delete," he told investigators.

It's been more than four months since the pregnant 16-year old was last seen at Terri Parker High School.

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Detectives obtained a diary that belonged to Sawyer, they said she highlighted her interaction with a Mr. Jose, a nickname for her uncle.

"They were looking on her computer and they're finding stuff on the computer that she's offering that's implying a sexual relationship with you almost like a love affair, detectives said.

Quiles repeatedly denied the allegations of any inappropriate relationships with his niece even after admitting to detectives that in the past some family members had questioned if he had ever had an inappropriate relationship with young girls.

"I've been accused many times by the older siblings, the sisters and stuff that I've been inappropriate," Quiles said.

Quiles is charged with sexual battery in a case unrelated to Iyana's disappearance.

He continued to deny any inappropriate relations between he and his niece  but detectives said her diary paints a much different picture.
"Now she's missing, she ran away or what not, and now here I am sitting in the hot seat because they mention me as, you know, I'm Mr. Jose," Quiles said.
He has not been charged in connection with her missing person case but the investigation is still ongoing.


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