Jacksonville family asking for help finding their son's killer

Family of Dylan McCurdy searches for lead

A family is pleading for help from the community in finding the person who murdered their son.

Dylan McCurdy, 26, was found in a Mayport neighborhood last weekend.

On Sunday, his family went back to that area, looking for leads on their son’s case.

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Just shy of one week ago, the McCurdy family received the worst news of their life: that their son had been shot to death. McCurdy's parents, Bruce and Fay McCurdy, are still coming to grips with what happened.


“It’s been heartbreaking, terrifying. Our life will never be the same,” Bruce said.

Dylan’s body was left along Featherwood Drive in Mayport, not far from where he lived.

Police left behind a sign where his body was found asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. On Sunday, right next to the sign from police, there’s now a message from his family so everyone remembers his name.

“The sign represents what we want for Dylan. We want justice because this is senseless and this was done out of hate,” Fay said.

The family said Dylan died from a gunshot wound to the head. His mother said the way he was found was heartbreaking.

“We heard it on the news, not a name, but then we got the knock on the door,” Fay said.

They had no idea the last time the spoke with him would be their final communication.

“You know, you tell your family bye in the morning, and I’ve always said you don’t know who’s going to show back up,” Fay said.

Now, just two days after they’ve laid their son to rest, Dylan’s dad had a message to the community.

“I want this community to know that the violence has got to stop. The violence is just getting worse, senseless killings,” Bruce said.

He now has a mission to help bring awareness to gun violence so his family can help others who have lost loved ones to this same type of crime. Now they’re left thinking of only the good memories with Dylan they once shared.

The family said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office told them they are closer to learning details in the investigation.