Jacksonville man arrested for repeatedly stealing neighbor's underwear from garage, police say

A Jacksonville man was arrested after he allegedly stole his neighbor's underwear out of her garage several times.

The woman told police that she saw surveillance video showing 56-year-old Nicolas Rojas entering her garage and stealing her underwear.

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She told officers she decided to confront him when she saw him inside her garage for the third time on Monday.

She opened the door to the garage while Rojas was still inside.

She told officers Rojas asked her if she had any lemons. She told him she did not, and he left.

The woman told police she went to his house to ask him why he took her underwear.

She said he admitted he took it but did not give it back.

He later came to her house and apologized, she said.

She told police she thought he was armed when he came over to apologize.

Her husband called police after she told him what happened.

Because the victim thought he was armed and his criminal history, officers surrounded his home and used a loud speaker to order him out of the house.

Rojas' son came home and told officers his father didn't have any weapons and was passed out drunk.

He got Rojas to come outside, where he was arrested.

He is charged with burglary.