Jacksonville man killed by JSO SWAT officer claimed he smoked flakka

A man is dead after being shot by a SWAT officer during a standoff that lasted more than four hours, starting Tuesday night and going into early Wednesday.

Terry Campbell, 25, told Jacksonville sheriff's officers that he had smoked flakka earlier Tuesday night.

Only Action News Jax was there as crews negotiated with him to come out, telling him he would not be hurt.

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"We're not going to kill you, buddy, we just want to talk to you," officers could be heard saying to Campbell as a perimeter was set up around an apartment complex on Mindanao Drive.

Campbell shot at police, then barricaded himself in his mother's apartment. JSO Director Ron Lendvay said earlier Tuesday night, Campbell threatened his 20-year-old brother with a gun inside the apartment.

Campbell's mother drove him to the Regency Mall parking lot so he could cool off. Lendvay said Campbell argued with his girlfriend on the phone and then caught a cab from Regency back to the apartment.

Lendvay said Campbell's girlfriend filed a temporary injunction for domestic violence against Campbell and he was set to appear in court in that case Friday.

Campbell's mother and brother were leaving the apartment as Campbell was returning. At this point, just before 9:30 p.m., Campbell's mother called police.

"She reported her son was in the cab with the driver and armed with a handgun," Lendvay said.

Police later learned that the cab driver had no threatening interaction with Campbell, but he did mention to her that he could not go back to jail. Lendvay said Campbell fired shots in the direction of patrol officers who arrived at the apartment.

That's when JSO's SWAT team arrived, set up a perimeter and began evacuating residents from the apartments. Police were negotiating with Campbell over the phone. Lendvay said Campbell was suicidal and he was ready to shoot it out with police.

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"He said he had smoked flakka earlier in the evening. He said he wasn't going back to prison. He threatened to kill himself. He said he was not coming out and was ready to die," Lendvay said.

Lendvay said Campbell said a few times that he would come out and surrender, but never did.

A JSO SWAT sniper shot Campbell when police say Campbell pointed a .32 caliber six-shot revolver out a window toward officers.

The officer who shot Campbell, Robert Nauss IV, is on administrative leave. Nauss is a 16-year-veteran of JSO and this is his second officer-involved shooting, Lendvay said.

Campbell had been arrested at least eight times, including on a murder charge.

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