Jacksonville nurse adopts severely abused twin girls

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two toddlers who were severely abused have found a forever home with a Jacksonville nurse who is showing them unconditional love.

At the age of 1, twin sisters, Delilah and Caroline, were admitted to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for a non-accidental trauma.

Jess Hamm, a nurse at the hospital, knew instinctively she was in love when she first met Delilah in the the pediatric intensive care unit.

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“My heart was broken. I don’t want to cry. She was just so lifeless, but she still held onto my finger,” Hamm said.

Delilah had broken bones, a skull fracture and was severely malnourished. At 14 months old, Hamm said Delilah couldn’t sit up or hold a bottle because she was too weak.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh, I’m going to take her home,’” Hamm said.

Hamm went through the proper channels within the Florida Department of Children and Families to adopt; in the process, she learned Delilah had a sister named Caroline who was also in the hospital. Her blessing of one child became even sweeter. She adopted both girls.

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Their days are now spent singing songs and seeking out new discoveries. Through encouragement, consistent meals, and unconditional love, the twins are thriving and meeting their developmental goals.

The twins have different personalities. Caroline is the social butterfly, she enjoys helping others, and is very protective of her sister. At 2 years old, Delilah loves turning on the charm and sharing kisses with everybody. Once Delilah finds something she enjoys, she can entertain herself for a long time.

Hamm always wanted to be a mom. She never knew adoption was the right choice until she met these girls.

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"I hope when people hear my story it opens them up to the possibilities of adopting," Hamm said.
Her days are filled with unexpected adventures and lots of kisses from these half-pints who fill her heart with joy.