Jacksonville police: Woman shoots ex-husband after he breaks into her home with crowbar, attacks her

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is searching for a man accused of attacking his ex-wife as he tried to break into her home.

The victim told police she shot Randolph Bishop in the face before he ran away.

Police said Bishop tried to break into the victim's home with a crowbar.

According to a police report, Bishop said he wanted to talk, and when the woman agreed, he attacked her.

The Sheriff's Office said the woman had a gun and fired at Bishop, hitting him in somewhere in the face.

Action News Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said she had every right to protect herself.

“She was in fear and her fears came to life when he assaulted her outside. She did the next best thing and protected herself and is well within her rights to protect herself,” Jefferson said.

The report said a neighbor heard a commotion and ran over to take the gun away from the two.

Neighbors say it was a bold move.

“That’s very heroic,” said neighbor Joe Johnson.

The Sheriff's Office said Bishop took off. Jefferson said police will be watching for Bishop to get medical attention for his gunshot wound.

“They’re also monitoring hospitals and their activities in the ER or walk-ups in acute care centers,” Jefferson said.