Jacksonville pregnant woman Baker Acted days before NJ murder, report reveals

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A newly released police report reveals a pregnant Jacksonville woman was Baker Acted and treated for paranoid schizophrenia days before officers said she murdered her younger sister.

Action News Jax reported last week when Angielly Dominguez was charged with first-degree murder. An affidavit stated that she got in an argument with her sister, Omelly, before shots were fired at her New Jersey home.

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The police report said she is being treated as a paranoid schizophrenic, was off her medication and was getting increasingly aggressive towards family over the last six months.

In the report, the officer stated that Dominguez “began telling me something. However, the words and sentence structure did not make sense.”

He goes on to say Dominguez “had trouble providing the current day of the week but insisted she was correct and everyone else was against her.”

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Dominguez was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital Friday, Mar. 18. Her fiancé, Tony Miranda, said she was release 24 hours later.

All of this information would have been available to police when Miranda reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that she took his car and guns Monday, Mar. 21, and started driving north.

The officer on the case took down the report as a civil matter instead of criminal and didn’t look into it further.

A JSO representative explained to Action News Jax’s Robert Grant last week that because the couple was engaged, she had not stolen the vehicle and guns and therefore, had done nothing wrong.

“It’s a tragedy that could have been avoided,” Miranda said. “Allow this unfortunate mishap of mine to allow these rules to be changed all over.”

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Action News Jax’s law and safety expert Dale Carson said that under state law, when you are married, your belongings are split 50/50. There is no law, however, for those who are engaged.

“Is there a crime? I believe there is,” he said. “The best form of policing is to prevent crime from happening in the first place.”

A JSO representative confirmed Monday that the officer’s actions are being investigated.