Jacksonville residents concerned about progress of soil clean-up

Neighbors in Durkeeville have new concerns about the clean up of contaminated soil.

The old Fairfax Street Wood Treaters Facility has been closed for years.

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John Dent’s home is right across the street. He said he used to work at the plant.

He told Action News Jax, “I hauled lumber in that place and I hauled lumber out of it when they first moved there.”

Little did he know, 30 years of operations at the plant left arsenic contamination in nearby soil and water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.


Dent’s yard is one of dozens crews will begin clearing up, and taking the contaminated soil to a landfill out of state.

Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection will also be excavating at Susie E. Tolbert Elementary School.

Families worry about how the clean-up is being handled.

Dent explained, “You can’t clean up the air wind blowing this way as we speak and what they doing about it? Nothing. They can’t stop it.”

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According to Dent, the EPA agreed to provide a place for neighbors to stay if the dust from the cleanup becomes too bad.

Action News Jax has contacted several representatives with the agency and has not been able to confirm the agreement.

Dent said, “I don’t think it’s doing any good 'cause the contamination is already (done).”