Jacksonville's Regency Square Mall may be up for auction

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Most of the Regency Square Mall could be going up for auction next month to pay a debt owed to a former tenant.

The mall's current owners owe money to a nonprofit company.

The group that used to operate the Jacksonville Automotive and Motorcycle Museum said they paid for improvements to their space in the mall, but couldn't use it because of roof damage and now the mall owes them money.

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A judge agrees that the mall owners owe JAAMM more than $162,000. If they don't pay up, most of the mall will be auctioned March 21 to satisfy the judgement.

This all started with a lawsuit that JAAMM filed in June 2017. The auto museum shut down that same year.

The auction would impact everything except the Dillard's and Sears stores, which own their parts of the mall. Sears closed its store in 2016 and the space is up for sale.

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