JEA CEO: Revenue is in decline ahead of potential sale

JEA’s top official was on the hot seat Thursday, taking questions from a special City Council committee on the potential sale of the utility.

JEA CEO Paul McElroy said revenue is in decline, and he projected sales are projected to be flat for the next five years.

McElroy brought 22,000 pages in documents with him to appear before the committee.

“I have always told the truth, as I certainly see the truth and the facts that have been presented to me,” McElroy said.

McElory was not under oath testifying before the committee Thursday.

On Tuesday, the full City Council stripped the committee of that power -- the power to subpoena -- and transformed it from five members to all 19.

Still, the committee didn’t pull any punches in asking about the potential sale.

“I’m very troubled by the fact that there are differing projections filed with different entities,” said council member Lori Boyer.

“If the industry is in decline, why is this an attractive target to potential buyers?” added council member Aaron Bowman.

The committee asked McElroy to come back with answers.

Before Thursday's committee meeting, Mayor Lenny Curry voiced his displeasure at how much of the council has handled this. He continued to deny his office has been pushing the sale.

“Anybody that’s followed this council recently knows there are a handful that have no ideas, that want to obstruct things, and that’s OK,” Curry said.  “That’s certainly their right and their prerogative.”

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