Judge rejects city of Jacksonville’s redistricting map

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A federal judge on Monday evening, Dec. 19, rejected the city of Jacksonville’s redistricting map.


That same judge decided to select one of the plaintiff’s map that was offered. There were three alternative maps to choose from in total.

Action News Jax Robert Grant explained that the decision came after a delay of more than 24 hours.

It’s now up to the Supervisor of Elections to push this information out to the public

In a written statement released by the office of the city council:

“Our office is aware of the court’s ruling. Having led the Council’s efforts during the recent redistricting process, I am confident in the work done by our City Council to craft a constitutional map. We are committed to following the law and we will get guidance from our City’s attorneys to make decisions on next steps.”

Action News Jax is going through the judge’s decision, which is more than 50 pages. The full Duval County redistricting order can be read below.

Once there is more information available this story will be updated.