Jacksonville men imprisoned for 42 years have convictions vacated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two Jacksonville men who were convicted of murder and attempted murder in 1976 are now walking free.

Hubert Myers and Clifford Williams Jr. were wrongfully convicted in the 1976 murder of Jeanette Williams and attempted murder of Nina Marshall.

PHOTOS: Jacksonville men imprisoned for 42 years have convictions vacated

They have spent more than 40 years in prison. On Thursday, Judge Angela Cox said to the men in court: "You are free to go."

"I'm nervous, you know, because I feel like I'm still locked up. Once I get with my family and you can look back and not have any officers telling me what to do and how to do it, then reality hit me, I think I'll be alright," Myers said.

"Well, my mother died while I was on death row, and I just wanted to get out," Williams said.


The uncle and nephew were originally sentenced to life in prison and their convictions being overturned is part of the State Attorney's Office new Conviction Integrity Unit. This unit reviews cases that could have resulted in people who are innocent being convicted.

In Myers and Williams' case, it was found that the physical evidence did not match surviving victim testimony. Both men said they were at a party when the shooting happened and to this day maintain their innocence.

Witnesses confirmed this and none of those witnesses were called to trial in 1970’s

In January 2017, Myers sent a letter the State Attorney's Office claiming he was innocent and wanted assistance in overturning conviction. He took a polygraph and it was found he was being truthful.