Kamiyah Mobley kidnapping: 10 things we learned on Day 2 of sentencing

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The second day of the Kamiyah Mobley kidnapping case is over. Gloria Williams is expected to be sentenced on June 8 for the 1998 kidnapping of Jacksonville newborn Kamiyah Mobley. Williams faces 22 years in prison.

Here are 10 things that were revealed in court on Friday:

1. In an ironic twist, Kamiyah Mobley -- who lived for 18 years as Alexis Manigo -- had an Ident-A-Kid card. 

The cards are used to provide police with vital information in case children go missing.

2. When Gloria Williams -- the woman who kidnapped Mobley -- told Kamiyah what she had done and could possibly go to jail, Kamiyah tried to convince her to become a fugitive.

Williams refused to go on the run.

3. Prosecutors pointed out that the Kamiyah Mobley kidnapping generated a huge response from law enforcement and cost them valuable time that could have been spent on other crimes. 

"The defendant's actions cost the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the FBI countless hours," prosecutors said Friday.

In addition, the defense said during Friday's closing arguments that a positive outcome that resulted from the case was tighter security measures for maternity wards nationwide.

4. The defense argued that Kamiyah Mobley is the named victim, so her wishes need to be taken into account. 

The sentence will have an impact on Kamiyah, the defense said. Kamiyah always lived with her mother until Williams' 2017 arrest.

5. When Williams sat Kamiyah down and told her that she wasn't really her daughter, Kamiyah didn't believe her. Williams said she never told anyone what she had done. 

"I kept this secret to myself. Nobody knew. That was my secret," Williams testified.

6. When Kamiyah didn't believe her, Williams showed her online articles from the 1998 kidnapping. 

Williams found photos and archived stories from the case that ultimately convinced Kamiyah that she really was the kidnapped child.

7. The defense painted Williams as a model citizen -- other than the kidnapping -- and pointed out that she had been a model inmate. 

Williams plans to return to South Carolina after her release, her attorney said, and will finish her master's degree.

8. Right before the 1998 kidnapping, Williams picked Jacksonville, Florida at random because it was located off I-95. 

Williams testified that she was distraught from a miscarriage that she suffered in late 1997. She got onto I-95 south and stopped in Jacksonville.

9. Williams said she didn't know Shanara Mobley, Kamiyah's biological mother.  

"I did go to the floor to look at the babies at the ward. Just looked at them and just thought about the baby I lost," Williams said.

Williams took the baby back to South Carolina and surprised her own parents by presenting them with the baby.

10. Williams carried baby Kamiyah out of the hospital in a bag. 

Williams testified, "From what I remember, I wasn't running. I was walking and I believed at any given time somebody could grab my arm and say 'Hey, what do you have in the bag?'"

Williams added that she considered giving the baby back -- but was scared to.

"I think just crippling fear. Then I fell in love with her," Williams said.

We're recapping the sentencing hearing for Gloria Williams, who admitted to kidnapping a newborn from a Jacksonville hospital back in 1998.

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