Latitude 360's Indianapolis location shut down, Jacksonville employees' paychecks bouncing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Several employees of a popular bowling and entertainment spot in Jacksonville say they sometimes go weeks without getting paid.

Action News Jax first reported in October that Latitude 360 is facing eviction. Latitude 360's landlord filed paperwork to evict the business from its Jacksonville and Indianapolis locations because the company owes about $6 million in rent, construction debt and late fees.

Now we found out the Indianapolis location has been shut down since last week.

Employees at the Indianapolis Latitude 360 came into work last week to find a sign on the locked door saying the business hasn’t been paying its state taxes and its retail merchant certificate has been revoked.

The Jacksonville location on Philips Highway is still open.

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“The venue here in Indianapolis will be open tomorrow. It doesn’t affect Jacksonville whatsoever. We cleared up what we needed to clear up,” said Latitude 360 CEO Brent Brown on Tuesday.

But Jacksonville Latitude 360 employees have been reaching out to Action News Jax for the past month, saying it’s been a struggle to get their checks cashed.

One Jacksonville employee who quit last month sent a photo of her check with a stamp showing the bank couldn’t cash it because there wasn’t enough money in the account.

Action News Jax stopped by Latitude 360’s corporate headquarters in Jacksonville to try to get answers and found the building cleared out. The leasing agent said the business moved out more than a month ago.

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