‘Literally could’ve killed my kids:’ Close call in Duval County hit-and-run

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A hit-and-run crash in Springfield last week just missed a 4 and 11-year-old in the front yard of their home.


Doorbell camera video shows the moment a car comes out of nowhere on W. 17 St., destroying a mailbox, hitting a parked car and forcing it into a boat.

The video given to Action News Jax also shows the driver back up after the crash and drives away, but the family managed to get the tag number.

“This lady literally could’ve killed my kids and the fact you did all of that damage and drove off is crazy to me,” Florencia Martinez said.

It happened in front of Florencia and Noel Martinez house, her husband owns a repair shop and was working on a car for her friend at the home.

“Checking out the battery I just got done scanning the vehicle,” Noel Martinez said. “That’s when the car came by and hit it.”

Martinez friend and employee Jose Antonio De Jesus Ortiz Jr. was also there and says the driver side bumper hit his leg.

“My kneecap and my muscle tendon stretched out,” he told Action News Jax.

So far this year in Duval county, FHP stats show there’s been 2,429 hit and run crashes. Of that number, 3 were deadly and 519 left injuries.

Florencia Martinez says she’s just thankful this wasn’t any worse.

“We could’ve been planning a funeral instead of having to repair my friend’s car,” she said.

The family says no arrests have been made yet and are hoping to see wherever did this land behind bars.

There’s also a GoFundMe for the friend who’s car was hit, they say she really needs the help.