Local divorce attorneys seeing a spike in divorce consultations

Jacksonville, FL — Molly Sasso, a Marital Law Board-certified specialist in the State of Florida, said at one point, divorce consultations in her office quadrupled.

“Problems we have seen along the years, now that we are spending so much time together now, they are absolutely being highlighted” Sasso said when talking about couples realizing it is time to file for divorce.

Action News Jax also spoke to Matthew Hunt, a family and Martial Law Board-certified specialist in the State of Florida. He is also seeing a spike in divorce consultations. Hunt highlighted dealing with a lot of custody issues during the pandemic.

“Because of the quarantine, having a lot of issues of saying I don’t want to transport the children, or they should be with me or I don’t agree with the safety precautions you are putting in place,” Hunt said.

Hunt said modifications to existing custody, alimony, and child support are coming across his desk because people are spending more time at home, and some are losing income.

Both attorneys agree when the pandemic is over they expect a spike in divorce filings.

First-time marriages in the US already have a 50 percent divorce rate according to the American Psychological Association.