• Man claims in front of Jacksonville City Council he was sexually assaulted as child


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tuesday night’s Jacksonville City Council meeting included a disturbing claim from a man who spoke publicly before the council.

    “At the age of 10 to 12 years old, I was in restrooms, business, and I was sexually assaulted by the homosexual community,” the man told the council.

    The man claimed he was the victim of a sexual assault in a bathroom as a child. But his next statement was even more concerning. He claimed he later sexually attacked children when he was an adult, saying it's because he thought that's what was normal for people to do.
    Action News Jax’s Catherine Varnum followed him outside City Council chambers to get some more answers.

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    “For about 20 years, yes I admit, the things I did was wrong. I sexually assaulted young kids ‘cause I thought it was acceptable,” he said.

    “Have you done that here in Jacksonville?” asked Varnum

    “No, this was up in St. Louis, Mo.,” the man said.

    That man said he was never arrested for the attacks he claimed to have committed.
    We reached out to police in St. Louis and emailed them the man’s picture. We are waiting to hear if they have any record of him or the attacks.
    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was at the council meeting and say they are now investigating, but the man was allowed to leave the meeting.

    He did leave a name and address on the council register. That identity does come up as belonging to a Jacksonville resident, according to our own public records search.
    We are not releasing it at this time until we can verify his name with authorities.

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