Metro PCS manager beaten, arrested at Jacksonville store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A confrontation at a Westside Metro PCS store on Friday left the manager bloody and in jail.

Witnesses say the manager, Bilal Fshaikat, got into a fight with four young men and workers at neighboring businesses want to know why the other men aren't locked up.

They say Fshaikat staggered out onto the pavement bloodied and beaten; some of the blood could still be seen on the pavement on Friday afternoon.

Several people tell Action News Jax the men were at the store Thursday stirring up trouble and hitting on a girl who works at the Metro PCS at 103rd Street and Ricker Road.

Police were called out to the Metro PCS at 12:20 p.m. Friday. Police say four people ages 16 to 20 got into an argument with store employees. Fshaikat got involved and was hit with an unknown object.

Police at some point, Fshaikat grabbed a handgun and shot it into the ground. A business owner next door believes the manager was protecting his employees

"I know the Metro guy, we all work around here. He is super cool; wouldn't do anything unless he was provoked," Stefanie Conway said.

Police say Fshaikat was arrested because there was too much time between the attack and shooting. Three of the other four men have been questioned. A fourth is still on the loose. The investigation is ongoing.