Middleburg community rallies behind teacher who lost classroom in fire

Community rallies after classroom fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A fire happened at Wilkinson Elementary School in Middleburg on Friday morning.

On Saturday, piles of wood and metal fragments were all that was left of a portable classroom.

Fire investigators were there when Sky Action News Jax flew over the school.

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Maycee Weaver 11, says that classroom belonged to Lorrain Phillips-Evatt, a sixth-grade teacher.

Phillips-Evatt teaches English language arts to about 65 students.

“She’s very nice and she helps around the school a lot,” said Maycee.


Across the street, Richard Moore, a pastor at Evangel Temple, says he heard about the fire from the vice principal and his congregation sprang into action.

“We know a lot of the teachers there. We’re very close,” said Moore.

Support from the community also poured in on social media about Phillips-Evatt’s classroom and the work the teacher does for her students.

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Even those who don’t know the teacher have been posting and trying to help.

Moore says his congregation wants to gather enough donations, that Phillips-Evatt can get a new classroom up and running.

“Whiteboards, markers, folders, books, anything you can imagine what a teacher needs is what we’re trying to support,” he said.

Action News Jax reached out to Wilkinson Elementary School, and the principal says there will be a classroom available for that teacher and her students Monday.

“I hope she can get it back and redo it to how she likes it,” said Maycee.

Donations are being accepted at Evangel Temple at 5040 County Road 218 Middleburg, FL 32068.