Mosi, cherished Grey’s zebra stallion, passes away at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens at age 24

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens are mourning the loss of Mosi, their cherished Grevy’s zebra stallion, who recently passed away at 24.


Mosi, who surpassed the median life expectancy for his species of 11 years, was humanely euthanized due to a significant decline in mobility. Animal Care Specialists surrounded him in his final moments, reflecting the deep care and affection they held for him.

Mosi had been a prominent figure at the Jacksonville Zoo since his arrival in 2008, where he fathered five offspring while living with several mares.

Despite his advanced age, he maintained a spirited behavior, often seen enthusiastically greeting females and making his presence known with his distinctive brays heard across the park. Known for his visually striking appearance and charismatic personality, Mosi was a favorite among visitors and staff alike.

In his later years, Mosi required specialized care to manage chronic arthritis in his back legs. He followed a tailored dietary and management plan, including supportive medications and participation in training programs to aid in voluntary leg and hoof assessments by animal staff.

The passing of Mosi has left a profound void at the zoo, where he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens highlighted the significance of Grevy’s zebras, the largest zebra species and classified as endangered. With a population reduced to Kenya and Ethiopia, totaling fewer than 2,000 adult individuals, efforts to protect and support the species are critical.

As part of their commitment to conservation, the Jacksonville Zoo actively supports the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, contributing to initiatives aimed at safeguarding the species’ habitat and populations. This includes participation in projects like the annual “Great Grevy’s Rally,” where organizations conduct vital census counts and provide additional feeding for populations in drought-stricken areas of Africa.

Mosi’s legacy lives on not only in the hearts of those at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens but also in the ongoing efforts to preserve and protect his species for generations to come.

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William Clayton

William Clayton, Action News Jax

Digital reporter and content creator for Action News Jax