Mother: 7-month-old girl hurt while in the care of babysitter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A mother wants a babysitter arrested after her 7-month-old daughter ended up in the hospital.

The little girl is in the ICU at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Her legs and arms are broken, and her brain is swelling, according to her mother. This week, the child has dealt with seizures and surgeries. Her mother said Thursday night she was in stable condition, and Wolfson Children's Hospital said Friday that Belle was upgraded to fair condition.

Belle Baker was with her cousin, who was also her babysitter, when the babysitter told her mother Belle fell down the stairs. According to a police report, the child has a fractured spine, broken collar bone, a broken arm, a broken leg and bruises.

"It's just too many injuries to just fall down the stairs," said Ashley Ervin, Belle's mother.

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Ashley Ervin says she dropped Belle off Thursday night, and her cousin called Saturday, wanting to keep her for an extra day. Ashley Ervin was called to the hospital Sunday morning.

"I need an explanation for what happened to my daughter," said Ervin.
Ervin said investigators have told her the injuries aren't consistent with just falling down the stairs. The little girl's mom said while her daughter is recovering, she hopes police find out what happened.

"She's only 7 months. I don't understand who would want to hurt an innocent child," said Ervin.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating this case. Action News Jax did go to the babysitter’s home Thursday but was told she was at work. The babysitter is not being named, because she hasn’t been arrested or charged as of Thursday.

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