12-year-old boy arrested for taking three guns and ammunition to school

Disturbing details in 12-year-old's arrest


The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said it arrested a 12-year-old boy who took three guns to school.

At least one of those firearms was loaded with a full magazine, but no round in the chamber.

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It happened at Lighthouse Christian School in Callahan.

According to the sheriff’s office, the boy also brought two partial boxes of ammunition.

Action News Jax is not naming the boy because of his age.

Sheriff Bill Leeper said the child had a large revolver and two semi-automatic pistols.

“It’s scary that something like this would happen that a kid would take a gun to school much less three guns,” said Leeper.

According to the incident report, a teacher noticed the boy had two lunch boxes and one seemed heavy.

School director Troy Arnold said she should be commended for paying attention to detail.

“She did a great job and that’s what we want, our students protected by our teachers and being proactive,” said Arnold.

Student brings guns to school

Two of the guns were found inside the lunch box and a third was on the student, according to deputies.

“He said he wanted to show them,” said Arnold.

“He wanted to show them to other students?” asked Lorena Inclán. “Well he said he wanted to show them to me.”

The incident report said other students were shown the guns too.

The child’s mom told deputies that her son “recently accidentally killed the family chihuahua with a pellet rifle when he was unsupervised.”

“The student has been with us for about two years, maybe longer, but I’ve never had any issues with him like that before and he has very supportive parents,” said Arnold.

The report also details how staff found a disturbing drawing at the boy’s desk, showing “a man outside of a school with guns, surrounded by several dead bodies covered in red marker signifying blood.”

The child was turned over to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice where he could be facing a felony. The Department of Children and Families was also notified.

According to the incident report, the boy’s mom believes he got the guns from a safe that she thought was locked.

Sheriff Leeper said his office is looking into that.

“Is it possible that she could be facing charges at this point?” asked Lorena Inclán.

“It’s possible. We’re still investigating to determine all the facts. It’s something that shouldn’t have happened, if they were in a safe, they should’ve been locked,” said Leeper.

Arnold said he’s thankful the incident did not escalate.

According to Arnold, the Lighthouse Christian School often runs active shooter drills, backpacks are not allowed on campus, and parents and students are aware of what students can and can’t bring to school.

“My prayer is that he gets appropriate help that the system works for him,” said Arnold. “To the extent that we know what could’ve happened, I choose to look to what didn’t happen.”