‘He was known for his proactive police work’: The deputy behind the hunt

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Joshua Moyers is a 29-year-old Nassau County deputy. Last night, he was shot in the face and back during a routine traffic stop. The shooting has left the department shaken.

Nassau County Sheriff Leeper says he visited the deputy early this morning.

“I went in to see him. He’s very critical. We’re not sure if he’s going to make it or not,” Sheriff Leeper said.

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The Nassau County sheriff said in his press conference this afternoon Moyers is a hard worker, well-liked and a professional.

“He was hired with NCSO in 2015. Just a great guy.”

NCSO sent a statement adding “He was known for his proactive police work, good attitude and hard work.”

Moyers devoted his education to become a law enforcement officer. In July 2018, his office said he was even given an award for his work in law enforcement.

“July 14, 2018 Deputy Moyers received an ABCD Award for going above and the beyond the call of duty on a narcotics case.”

But beyond the badge, he’s a family man. The sheriff said he even had big plans in the works.

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“I talked to his mother and father and his girlfriend, his fianceé. They were just planning a wedding. They were planning their wedding.”

His social media shows Moyers is proud to be a deputy, enjoys hunting, and got engaged in mid-2019. Today, his family and his department ask everyone to keep him in their prayers.

“I just asked that everybody please keep them in your prayers.”