Nassau County

Nassau County School District makes changes regarding face shields policy

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — The Nassau County School District is making a change regarding the wearing of face shields only.

The reopening plan was originally written and rolled out when the district wanted students and staff to have options on what type of face covering to wear.

When the plan was revealed, the school district believed that masks or face shields would be acceptable.

Since then, the school district has learned that face shields only protect the eyes of the person wearing the shield.

Beginning Sept. 8, students who decide to wear face shields will also be asked to wear face masks.

This change does not mean that students will be required to wear their masks for 100% of the school day.

There will be opportunities throughout the day for students at all levels (grades K- 12) to remove their masks.

This change does not affect students who were exempt from the mask rule due to medical conditions.