Neptune Beach school parents concerned over blocking bike lanes

Parents posted videos on social media of cars blocking bike lanes outside of Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach, waiting to pick up kids.

Parents say this is dangerous for the kids who bike and because drivers have to cross over the double line to get around other cars.

Action News Jax flew over the high school today as school let out, and we didn't’ see anyone waiting in the bike lane, but parents say that’s because they heard officers would be looking for violators.

We did see police out patrolling the area and reached out to Neptune Beach police who say they’ve received several complaints about this.

Parents want to know where they’re supposed to park now, so Jessica Davidson went inside the school to ask.

“They had no solution. They were like, 'Well, I don’t know where they’re supposed to park',” Davidson said.

Parents wonder if a lot next to the school can be used as a spot for parents to wait.

Duval County Public Schools made this statement:

"Thanks for reaching out. We share the same concerns regarding illegal driving practices outside our school and have worked proactively with the City of Neptune Beach, the Neptune Beach Police Department and the Neptune Beach community in addressing this issue. Recent traffic safety control measures include increased signage, a new cross walk with flashing lights, a stop sign at the 3-way intersection of Seagate Ave. and 5th St., and Seagate being widened with an added bike path. We have also collaborated with law enforcement in making updates to our parent pick-up entrance to decrease wait times. We will continue to monitor this situation, explore additional ways to decrease congestion at pick-up time and share guidance with parents about adhering to state statutes and traffic safety laws.”

Parents say students need to be held accountable, too.

“Kids keep popping out anywhere with their bikes jumping in front of cars,” said Davidson who says she hopes there will be some resolution to the traffic issues soon.

We reached out to Neptune Beach police who said:

“We have also recently received similar complaints and are taking them very seriously. As such, we have assigned a Patrol Officer to patrol and enforce all violations observed in the school zone daily (calls permitting / morning & afternoon). We are also in contact with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department and Duval County School Police Department, as their jurisdiction adjoins the affected area as well.

The safety and welfare of all of our citizens is of top priority for this department. We have recently made several considerable traffic control changes to the area by adding a crosswalk with a flashing light, installation of an established bike lane and added stop signs at the 3-way intersection of Seagate Ave. and 5th St.

We will continue to monitor the situation and rectify observed violations. While solving the traffic congestion at dismissal time is likely not entirely possible, we’d like to remind parents to not park in any travel lanes or other areas which may be illegal when picking up their children from school.”