• New adventure resort coming to Kingsland

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    KINGSLAND, Ga. - It’s a project that Kingsland city leaders believe will put them on the map.
    It’s called Epic Adventures Resort Kingsland.
    It’s a $350 million project that includes a water park, bowling alley, convention center, entertainment complex, and even a sports complex.
    “It’s going to have a huge impact. It will affect our tourism and economy in a big way,” said Finance Director Foliz Morrow. 

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    Morrow says she’s expecting at least a 10 percent increase in city revenues from this project which equals out to about $2.5 million annually.
    Not only do city leaders believe the resort will help out the local economy, but they think thousands of jobs will also be created.
    “There will be between 1,200 and 1,300 jobs created within the park itself and we expect the same number created when providing services to it,” said Ken Kessler, director of community planning and development.
    But where would a small town like Kingsland, Georgia, get the money to fund a project this big?

    Planners told Action News the project will be funded through private and public loans and bonds, and from private investors.

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    “We are pretty much ready for it, our water capacity is already there so were ahead of the game,” said Morrow.
    The city is still in the beginning stages of planning, and is working to make the park as non-intrusive as possible for those who live in the area.
    City leaders say the next step is to get permits and they hope to try to start clearing the land in about three months.

    They say if all goes well, construction could begin in April 2015. They say it would take about 2 years to construct.

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