New cancer treatment for dogs able to be administered in fewer sessions

Southeastern Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine has teamed up with PetCure Oncology to offer new cancer treatment for dogs.

Daniel Britt's dog Spartacus is being treated for a tumor on his heart, but the pup is getting a second chance with a new treatment called stereotactic radiosurgery.

The treatments don’t keep Spartacus down for long.

“Second day, he was a little tired, but (he) was back out on the beach,” Britt said.

The radiation treatments are administered in one to three sessions versus traditional treatment that could require as many as 20.

The hope is this new treatment will give loved ones more time with their pets.

“It allows us to treat tumors that were untreatable before,” said Dr. Tracy Ladeue, a veterinary radiation oncologist.

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