New text message system aims to help those with eating disorders

.PDF: Printable information about the text2Bwell program

There’s a new national initiative to help improve people’s body images and it’s using technology to get the message out.

A local clinical director developed a mental health program called "text2Bwell" using text messages.
Renowned eating disorder expert Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW launched a one-of-a-kind mental health program on Feb. 26.

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Powered byCareWire, Inc. the text2bwell Positive Body Image Program is an 8-week text messaging series to help people begin to transform the way they feel about their body, food, and exercise – all from the privacy of their cell phone. The goal is to help people see their bodies in a positive new way.
This service is free during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. After March 4t it will cost you $25 to participate in this text message service.
"It's not how people really look at themselves, it's how people think they look and it becomes distorted," said Lori Osachy.
To join, all you do is text the words "BeHealthy" to 44-222 to join this mental health program.

By sending a simple text message, you'll immediately start receiving guidance to help you improve your thoughts on your view of yourself. 
"Most people won't admit it, but they feel bad about their bodies, eating disorders, and body image problems affect all of us," said Osachy.

Osachy said three different types of text messages will be sent to your phone each week. The first text message is a body image tip and the second text message will be a challenge step where you work on incorporating this goal into your life.

Lastly, the third text message will ask you to engage in a password-protected forum and one-on-one discussions.

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Action News Jax’s Kaitlyn Chana signed up for 8-week text message program. The first message she received said, “Hi Kaitlyn! Technique 1: Only allow yourself positive comments when you look in the mirror.” It also provided her with a link to get more information about why it’s beneficial to say affirmations to yourself.

It sounds simple, but Osachy said most people struggle looking at themselves in a positive light.

“We all need to work on this to help change the culture to help little girls and boys feel better about their bodies – the same goes for adults,” said Osachy.


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