Jacksonville officer loses leg from bacteria

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police officer lost his leg after an injury that he suffered while responding to a call during Hurricane Matthew.

According to a GoFundMe page by the Fraternal Order of Police, Officer Dennis Godfrey suffered what was thought to be a minor cut to his leg.

But Godfrey awoke with pain shortly after returning home from a fishing trip. With his leg swollen, he asked his wife for ice. Instead, she insisted on taking him to the emergency room.

It ended up saving his life.

“We almost lost him," Sheri Godfrey said. "I'm just hoping the word gets out. This is a dangerous, dangerous thing."

Godfrey's leg had become infected with Vibrio, a bacteria. The leg had to be amputated, and Godfrey likely would have died had he not sought prompt medical attention.

News 104.5 WOKV reported that Godfrey was injured when a gust of wind pushed part of his police car, causing to hit him and cut him in the shin. Godfrey’s wife Sheri said that he brushed off the wound continuing to work and even went fishing several days later.

The GoFundMe page said he will likely fight the effects of the infection for the rest of his life.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5-30 is asking the community to help Godfrey and his family as he continues to recover from the infection.

Sheri Godfrey says she is grateful for the support -- and credits God for his recovery.

“God is amazing and this is a miracle,” Sheri Godfrey said.

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