Oldest living male rhino has successful tooth extraction by team at Jacksonville Zoo

Jacksonville, Fl — A tremendous team effort at the Jacksonville Zoo on Tuesday, as a 54-year-old rhino had a successful tooth extraction.

Archie is the oldest male southern white rhino in human care. Curtis Dvorak with the zoo says Archie had been experiencing an abscessed tooth for several months.

Zoo staff first noticed a bump on Archie’s face last fall. He was initially treated with antibiotics but, given his age and overall good health, it was determined that he would undergo a procedure to eliminate the infection.

“Trying to be a lot more transparent at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and show people the care and love that goes into these animals is second to none.”, Zoo Wildlife Wanderer Curtis Dvorak told Jacksonville’s Morning News, hours before the procedure.

The zoo says Archie will continue to receive care during his recovery, and he was up and moving around hours after the surgery.

Rich Jones

Rich Jones, News 104.5 WOKV

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