Parents asking for changes after teen hit by car on Oakleaf Plantation roundabout

OAKLEAF — A father tells Action News Jax his 15-year-old son was hit on his bicycle Tuesday when he was riding home from school. It happened at the roundabout on Oakleaf Plantation Parkway.

The teen’s dad, Enrique Ortega, says kids get hit in the roundabout frequently.

“You hear about it over here once a month at least,” Ortega said. “He was fine and okay, which is a blessing.”

Moms Ashley Fischer and Nicole Camacho want buses for middle and high schoolers in their neighborhood. Elementary students get bussed because a Florida statute deems the roundabout a hazardous road condition, only to children younger than sixth grade. Middle and high schoolers are left to their own devices.

“It’s a hazardous condition whether you’re twelve or thirteen,” Fischer said.

The parents worry it’ll take a fatality for any big changes to be made. Ortega would like to see flashing lights, speed bumps, and cross walk guards at the roundabout.

In the meantime he’s grateful his son is okay. “He’s gonna bounce back,” Ortega said. “He’s a strong kid, he’ll be fine.”

Clay County commissioners say they’ve met with the school district and the sheriff’s office. They say crews have added signage and striping. There are also plans to add rumble strips and flashing lights when a person is crossing.